T is for TRANSFER!

It’s an exciting day for the Lambies as they have just received a notification that the transfer on their stand at Seaton Estate has officially gone through!

What does transfer mean? It refers to the transferral of ownership of a property, and in this case, from the developer to the individual owner (the Lambies). Payment has now been made from the attorney’s trust account to the developer. The deeds office has registered the transaction and now the Lambies officially own the property. The title deeds will be received shortly.

What’s next? Now that transfer has taken place, and as the official owners of Erf 900, rates and levies become payable. The Lambies are also now able to submit their building plans to the municipal council for approval, something that is required before construction can commence.

In terms of the timeline that Pat and Kate created at the start of the project, everything seems to be on track!

How will team Lambie be celebrating this great news? Well, they only saw the email this morning, so they’ll be opening some champagne and toasting on-site this afternoon. Coincidentally, today is also the Seaton Street Party, welcoming the first homeowners, so the timing couldn’t be better! With almost 100 families gathering to celebrate the occasion, we’re sure it will be a festive and fitting occasion.

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