Life with the Lambies series: Part 2

Sharing their vision of their home at Seaton, the property journey with the Lambies takes shape as they start fleshing out the details. We take a look at why this family chose the KZN North Coast, and what first steps they had to take in order to get the ball rolling.

A family destination
“The North Coast has always been a special place for us. The pleasures of it is something that cannot really be described. Instead, it’s better to see, explore and experience everything that it has to offer… The best of land, sea, and family living is right here on the KZN North Coast. Our hearts are full when thinking of the memories already made with our boys here, and even more full when thinking of the ones still coming. The Lambies are blessed to call the North Coast home,” explains Pat Lambie.

As a Collins Residential project, Seaton has been a development that Pat Lambie has been part of for a few years now. And so they secured stand 900 for their family, as it boasts a

green belt behind it and enjoys an almost-180-degree sea view! What more could you ask for when building your ideal family home along the coast?

What goes into building a home?
The Lambies are in the thick of finding their feet as they start building. Excited for what lies ahead, the first few steps needed to take place to start the process.

Before the Lambie family could go ahead and break ground, they have to lock in a few decisions and get a few things in order before onsite action started.

This included:
· Choosing a stand – They settled on stand number 900, and she’s a beauty!
· Signing an offer to purchase.
· Getting their Geo Survey done
· Getting to grips with the Seaton Design Guide for their phase.
· Appointing an architect – full intro coming soon!

“To anyone building a home from scratch, a decent timeline is the yard stick that will help you manage your processes and your expectations. I know ours will help us make decisions and meet deadlines. (Fingers crossed),” shares Pat Lambie.

Not every factor is within their control and sometimes the Lambie family will just have to go with it but their timeline and the starting actions they have taken so far, will lay the foundation and will serve as a “roadmap” for their journey.

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