Inspired by the KZN outdoor culture

Seaton has lush green landscapes, indigenous nature surrounding it and the calming ocean on its doorstep. It is no wonder why this incredible, new-generation estate has embraced the KZN outdoor loving spirit. Every path has its own journey that beckons residents to explore. Here are just a few outdoor adventures you will experience within Seaton.

Running and mountain bike trails

Seaton is home to robust tracks that are perfect for trail running or mountain biking. Stretching over hectares of lush green land, Seaton nurtures the natural habitat by creating 26km of explorational routes that you can walk, run, cycle, or ride horses along.

Forest boardwalks

Boasting over 60 hectares of protected forest, Seaton will build exquisite boardwalks throughout to ensure residents have access into this wilderness retreat. Enjoy a morning session of yoga in amongst the tranquil forest or take an afternoon stroll with your family and view the indigenous birdlife.

Direct bridle paths to the beach

Natural walking trails will provide residents with direct access to 2kms of KwaZulu-Natal’s finest stretch of beach, Christmas Bay. This prestigious beach offers the perfect opportunity to fish, snorkel, surf or simply enjoy a day out in the beautiful, tropical Durban sun; whether in winter or summer.

Revitalised wetlands and picnic areas

Seaton residents will have an abundance of preserved and rehabilitated wetlands. Set up your picnic blankets and take in the delightful flora and fauna surrounding these water bodies.

Seaton will create a neighbourhood that allows residents to live, work, move, connect, eat, interact, learn and play, whilst protecting, enhancing and rehabilitating the indigenous nature.

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