Why we can’t get enough of our sea-facing stands

When many picture North Coastal living, they’re greeted with magnificent visuals of sea views and a front-row, sea-facing stands to the warm Indian Ocean. At Seaton, our various precincts offer a stand for everyone, no matter what they need to feel at home. When it comes to our ocean-facing stands, in particular, they’re some of the most coveted ones of all. Here’s why we just can’t get enough of them (and their picturesque scenery)…

Views, glorious views!

What’s life on the coast without a daily dose of vitamin sea? Whilst some are content with the direct beach access offered by Seaton, others need a breathtaking sapphire seascape to match. With some of the most spectacular views in all of Seaton, our ocean-facing stands really do epitomize coastal living. Whether you’re an early riser with a love for a coffee with a view or someone who was born to entertain both indoors and out, a home at Seaton is the perfect place to live life beautifully. Get ready to throw open your patio doors, wake up to the sound of the ocean and invite that delicious sea breeze in. You’re at Seaton now.

A unique design code

Every precinct of Seaton features its own design code, a chance to set every home apart and create a signature residence that really echoes the appeal of life on the North Coast and each family who lives here. This design guide makes planning, designing, and building your home an enjoyable feat as it offers owners and their chosen professionals a roadmap of sorts for creating a home at Seaton within their specific precinct.

Be part of Seaton

With access to all of the world-class facilities that every Seaton resident gets to enjoy, life in a home on one of these sea-facing stands is as exciting as its outlook. Explore Seaton Country Club and play, relax and really savour where you live.

Take us to the beach…

Ready to enjoy the best in 360° living including a sensational sea view? Secure your stand and its scenic surroundings when you join us for a private tour today. Get in touch with a member of our friendly sales team and you could soon be taking it all in from our 4×4 game viewer.

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