The link between happiness and the sea

The ocean holds more power over us than we even realise. For those who spend a lot of time beside the sea, you’re not crazy for thinking you feel happier for it. Over the last few years, various studies have in fact confirmed the link between the ocean and greater wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits…


Healthier mind, body and relationships


With close proximity to the ocean leading to greater physical and mental health, you’re more likely to treat those around you the way that you’d like to be treated. “We find people who visit the coast, for example, at least twice weekly tend to experience better general and mental health,” says Dr Lewis Elliott, a lecturer at the University of Exeter. If just two days per week is enough to feel results, just imagine the impact of waking up to a sea view every day.

A chance to be present

The coming and going of the tides have a meditative quality. This allows those who are watching the sea to immerse themselves in the moment. When you’re present, you are grateful and gratitude boosts positive emotions in the brain.

Better sleep

The ocean equals relaxation which lowers your heart rate and allows your mind to really relax. For those who struggle with healthy sleep patterns, this helps them get quality sleep. The sounds of the sea are soothing too, which is why every white noise machine features sounds of the ocean. Dr. W. Christopher Winter, author of The Sleep Solution agrees with this sentiment:

“Today’s world has us constantly connected to our phones, working longer hours and taking less vacation time, making us more anxious and stressed – something I call ‘Red Mind’. By contrast, ‘Blue Mind’ is a meditative state associated with being on or near the water that can bring on feelings of calm, peacefulness and general happiness.”

An environment that allows you to thrive

Aquatic environments like the beach are often healthier ones to live in. This is because of more sunlight and less polluted air. As a result, you’re more likely to get outdoors and live an active life, enjoying activities both in the water and on land. When you’re more active, your body receives more endorphins which lead to greater happiness.

See why life’s better on the bay


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