Why we can’t wait for our new Gatehouse

When first impressions are everything, we wanted to ensure that the entrance to Seaton was so much more than just a portal to the place our residents call home. Here’s a little more on our Gatehouse, a masterpiece of form, function and movement.

It’s inspired by nature

Our magnificent Gatehouse was designed by developers Collins Residential, together with Brent Buchanan of Nsika Architecture & Design, to celebrate our renowned surroundings, fitting in seamlessly with our North Coastal aesthetic. With Seaton offering residents unrivalled access to an unbeatable coastal lifestyle experience, the magic of the estate lies in how well architecture plays with its surroundings. Every touchpoint of this Gatehouse right through to each unique residence and beyond considers people’s needs, design aesthetics and exquisite natural topography.

It’s practical too

This uniquely conceptualised hub effortlessly integrates services, the environment, people and transport modalities, as it flows from point to point. It will be the headquarters of our security control centre, and the base for our Homeowners Association and rentals and sales teams, providing a finely-balanced working environment that exists in harmony with nature. It will also deliver direct access to a municipal hub that services water and electrical needs.

It’s all about connectivity

Our Gatehouse will also feature a multi-faceted land-art bridge that has been inspired by the ebb and flow of the natural landscape to create a channel of roads and walkways that hug the lush hillside, connecting everyone, to everywhere within the magnificent Seaton.  On the upper level, on the roadside or hillside ridge, an easy flow of traffic in both directions will be provisioned for via a multilane byway, whilst pedestrians, cyclists, golf carters and those traversing the estate on horseback or walking their dogs – will have dedicated pathways and verges that keep them connected to the landscape and within easy reach of the beach, home, the Country Club and more.

Get ready to arrive!

Our Gatehouse is just one of many exciting facilities coming to life at Seaton. For more on our purchase opportunities or to see how we deliver 360° living, why not join us for a private tour? Get in touch with our sales team and let’s get you on the 4×4 game viewer for a scenic drive of our piece of paradise.

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