Why 360° living should be one of your 2022 resolutions

A new year is officially here and for many, setting those all-important resolutions gives a sense of direction for the 365 days that lie ahead. For us, 360° living should top the list as it’s an approach that has never failed us. Here’s why we think it should be one of your 2022 resolutions…


  • It provides balance

Modern living comes with a fair amount of balls to juggle. This often leads to some of those balls getting dropped in favour of others. Our approach of 360° living promotes giving all aspects of your life a more even weighting so that you feel less stress and far more relaxed. It allows you to pursue hobbies just as much as you do work, and relaxation just as much as recreation. Because when your life is balanced, you’re far happier for it.


  • It delivers a healthier life

Whilst we’ve already discussed the happiness factor and emotional health component of 360° living, there’s something else we need to mention… stress-free days. When you live life 360°, your days feel lighter and brighter, and the stresses of everyday life don’t seem as heavy. Our approach of 360° living also delivers physical health with direct beach access, outdoor fitness parks and never-ending nature trails providing ample chances to get moving. When these opportunities are on your doorstep, there’s no way you can’t live a healthier life, another resolution most of us strive for each new year.


  • It brings you closer to the ones you love 

360° living means spending time with those who mean the most to you. It’s why Seaton delivers inspired spaces that really bring people together.  No matter the occasion or your chosen activities, you’ll find everything you need on the estate to make priceless memories each and every day. Because what is life without making time for the ones you love?


Start living life 360°

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