What we’re looking forward to this year at Seaton

Things are certainly progressing at Seaton, with many exciting developments on the go that bring us one step closer to completion and welcoming our residents to their dream homes! With 2022 being a great year for us, we know that 2023 is going to take things to new heights in every single way. Here’s what’s currently underway and what we’re looking forward to this year…

Another access point for Seaton!

The P228 Access Road (also known as the “Animal Farm” road is being tarred and a new offramp is coming soon, making access to Seaton from the N2 even more of a breeze. This will definitely prove handy when it comes to reaching our gatehouse and all of the facilities that’ll soon be offered at Seaton.

Our Gatehouse has commenced

That’s right! Construction on our estate Gatehouse has started. Not only will this be the primary access point to Seaton (with the secondary one being via neighbouring Zululami Estate), it will also be home to our HOA and sales offices and an architectural and landscaping marvel in its own right. It’ll also feature the state-of-the-art security and biometric access that allow our residents and their visitors to feel safe at all times.

Seaton Country Club is underway, too!

Our Country Club and Sports Precinct is taking shape. This exciting addition to Seaton includes a leisure pool, lap pool, gym, squash court, tennis courts, Padel courts, cricket field & nets, mini-soccer pitch, playground, adventure zone, and water slides. Safe to say that it will offer something for every member of the family and we cannot wait to enjoy many a weekend and sunny day there.

The Equestrian Arena is on the way…

Is that the sound of galloping hooves or is it the sound of our development moving at a great pace? We started the earthworks on our equestrian arena over a month ago and it’s looking sensational! those who love the idea of modern country living on the North Coast (and a chance to overlook the equestrian facilities at Seaton), The Club delivers just that and then some. Be close to the entrance of Seaton, as well as the Club House, arena, and stables that will all be completed this year!

The first home at Seaton belonging to Pat and Kate Lambie has broken ground

Seeing as he’s part of the Collins Residential team, it was both serendipitous and rather fitting that the first house to break ground at Seaton would be none other than House Lambie. If you’ve been following their journey so far, you’ll know that they’ve been ticking all the boxes necessary to build their dream home from scratch. Good luck team Lambie, we can’t wait to see it all come to life. Keen to follow the process as they go along? Be sure to follow Pat on Instagram via his handle: @patlambie_.

We look forward to the hard work and rewards that lie ahead. Be sure to follow us on social media for more on Seaton’s progress, as well as exciting launches coming soon. Ready to arrange a tour and see all of these developments first-hand? Contact our sales team or submit a general enquiry today. info@seatonestate.co.za

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