The top features of The Bay

Oceanside living

Enjoy direct access to your very own private beach located only a short walk from your home at The Bay. Here you can enjoy 1 kilometres of pristine beachscape at Christmas Bay. Residents are also free to enjoy the Seaton Beach Club which allows you to step out of the estate and directly on to the warm sands of the beach.

Rehabilitating nature

Rehabilitation and sustainability are 2 of the core development principles of the estate. As a promise to these principles, various natural rehabilitation projects will be undertaken including the restoration of the historic green grasslands and forest. The existing sugarcane landscapes have been cleared to allow for the grassland rehabilitation to go ahead which will reintroduce the same flora from a century ago. Not to mention having access to a thriving forest that showcases incredible subtropical flora and fauna.

Outdoor facilities

Experience the great outdoors with 26 kilometres of running trails which traverse the vast estate. Enjoy elevated forest boardwalks which will get you in touch with nature and inspire fascination. Wide open green spaces are waiting to invite you in for a fun family picnic surrounded by nature. Sporty individuals will enjoy the Sport facility which supports multi-sports courts. These are just some of the amazing experiences to be had living at The Bay.

Shared estate facilities

Although The Bay boasts many unrivalled facets that make it an unsurpassed residential opportunity, residents are not limited to these as they also have access to all of Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate. That means, residents can walk through the forest boardwalks, nature trails, visit the signature Wetland Clubhouse and so much more.

The architectural ethos of Seaton is centred around sustainable living and reconnecting with nature, and this is one of the driving forces behind its design. The homes at The Bay honour oceanside living and give residents the opportunity to enjoy all that this offers.

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