The moment has finally arrived!

With all the imperatives, including funding and approvals in place… we couldn’t be happier to raise the flag, a glass and sound the call to ‘roll in the yellow trucks’. It’s official – we’re setting up site!

Last week marked a significant occasion, and we couldn’t be prouder to confirm that Seaton was officially handed over to the contractor. Commencing with the civil infrastructure, breaking ground herald’s the start of a new, exhilarating and momentous journey here on site.

The beginning of an epic journey. One where all roads lead to the glorious North Coast lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

This is the very moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ve all been waiting for. It’s the culmination of a journey that has been many years in the making, as the planning, design and conceptualisation became a reality. What started as a dream, led to a vision and, now, with the investment of incalculable hours, the impossible has been made possible! Seaton’s extraordinary stretch of coastline and the natural environment with which everybody fell in love, is going to be your home.

Our ethos at Collins Residential has always been about our passion for nature and conservation, our responsibility to honour the landscape, and of course, the promise of a secure coastal life with all the facilities which makes it so. Now, the next chapter in that story begins.

Seaton civil rollout – leading the way, life’s better on the bay!

Over the following 12-months, the construction program will see civil, electrical and services being installed from the district road, down the main boulevard stretching to the coastline. This includes secondary roads through Precinct B and D as illustrated on the map above.

It’s incredible to think that come December 2022, we will be driving through Seaton on the roads that take you home, a place where you truly get to live the dream!

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