Life With The Lambies: Plan Submissions

5 months have passed since Pat and Kate had their first meeting with Lisa Rorich Architects and now, it’s finally plan submission time. With all the detail around their dream home at Seaton packaged together and handed over to the KwaDukuza Municipality, now all that’s left to do is wait for their approval.

How long will this take? Building plan approval can take anything from 8-16 weeks, depending on the number of applications in circulation at the given time. Delays are expected when applying for any relaxations to building lines, floor area ratios, coverage, building heights and the like, or when some elements of the submission pack are lacking in the required detail. With no relaxations included in House Lambie’s plans, Pat and Kate believe that all the details are present.

As the Lambies wait patiently for approval, there’s a fair amount to take into consideration at this time of the year… There are 5 weeks before the Christmas shutdown, and 4 weeks in the new year before the planned construction start date of 01 February, which equals 10 weeks in total. It may be tight but we’re holding thumbs for team Lambie.

Watch this space for updates along the way!

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