Celebrating our latest batch of transfers at another Seaton Street Party

Thursday 7 March was a special occasion for all at Seaton. It marked the sale and transfer of the next batch of 200 sites with 150 homes passing through the Design Review process. With purchasers, media and developers all in attendance, our very own Geoff Perkins addressed the happy crowd on our site progress that’s moving at a rapid pace. This includes the likes of our iconic gatehouse (that can almost be seen from space!) and will be ready in August of this year. He also mentioned the N2 interchange, starting this year and the P228, whose completion in June will soon see residents driving directly into the estate.

Guests were treated to an array of food trucks and of course, a few treats too, offering something for everyone and every mood. Live music was also a hit, as local talent Jemma Kate performed under the café lights with Seaton’s signature sea views making for the perfect backdrop. The number of kids zooming up and down on their bikes and scooters whilst shrieking with excitement over ice creams was a highlight for us and a small taste of life to come for the families who will soon call Seaton home.

Like all the transfer parties that came before it, this one also included the symbolic and sustainable gesture of our homeowners selecting and planting indigenous trees. These, planted by each family, represent their own legacy, which will grow as our estate does.

Not only did we celebrate the most recent transfers at Seaton, but we also welcomed a few new development partners within the estate. These will offer more incredible purchase opportunities at Seaton, further cementing our reputation as the North Coastal estate that offers the very best in 360-degree living. These new additons are:

  • One on Seaton: Limited offering 27 coastal condos | 3-bed | Christmas Bay & Coastline views | Launching April
  • Serrano: 21 units overlooking Christmas Bay | 2, 3 & 4 bed | Condos, Duets and Villas| Launching April

The perfect end to this perfect occasion could only be a North Coast sunset… Somebody pinch us. We can’t believe the Seaton dream has almost come to life!

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