Four reasons why we love winter on the North Coast

Just like that, the first half of the year has come and gone. This means we’re officially into the coldest season of them all. Whilst winter might have come around for another year, not much has to change for those who call the North Coast “home.”  Here’s why…


Dreamy sunrises and sunsets


Whether you’d consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, we can all agree that the winter sunrises and sunsets on the north coast are something magical. For those who prefer to remain in the “5am Club,” our Sheffield sunrises over the magnificent Christmas Bay are easily our favourite part of the day. If you’re a lover of a great sundowner, you’re in luck too. The crimson skies that mark the end of every winter’s day are equally as beautiful as the ones that started things off.


More days of sunshine


Whilst we’re on the topic of the sun, you should know that life on the North Coast means warmer temperatures and of course, more sunshine! With the average temperatures most days peaking at between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius, getting to enjoy the outdoors is an easier feat.


Take us to the beach!


What coastal lifestyle doesn’t include the beach? For North Coast residents, winter is still a wonderful time to head down and enjoy a run, swim or surf. Sure, the water might be slightly cooler than usual but it’s a far cry from the icy temperatures experienced in other waters around the country. This is a big win for those with ocean-loving kids, especially during those long July school holidays.

Staying active is a breeze


When the temperatures drop, most prefer to stay indoors and keep things cosy. Luckily, our great weather over this time of the year makes it easier to stick to your fitness goals. From heading to the gym to a run or ride on our nature trails, or even a swim in the sea, nothing is off-limits. Not even during the coldest season of them all.


Come and experience winter our way


Get a taste of Seaton’s winter magic when you arrange your private tour on our 4×4 game vehicle. Better yet, arrange one in the afternoon and you might just be treated to one of those spectacular sunsets we were just talking about. We hope to be sharing our piece of paradise with you soon!

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