Five reasons why Seaton is perfect for North Coastal family living

Whether you’re a young family or a well-established one, our approach to 360° living is one that’s ideal for the whole family. We sat down with our sales team and chatted about what makes Seaton the ultimate place for North Coastal families. Here’s what makes it something special…

The best of Mother Nature

The North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is synonymous with a life lived alongside nature. Offering more days of sunshine and even warmer weather in winter, it’s a fabulous choice for families who love spending their days outdoors. With the beach and lush coastal forest close by (and even closer if you’re living at Seaton), there’s always something to do and a great reason to get out and get moving. Our on-site offerings are also something special with beach clubhouses, the largest equestrian arena in Southern Africa, 26km of trails, leisure zones and even multi-sports facilities.

Incredible amenities

If you ask us, the measure of any area is certainly what can be found in it. Whilst we’ve already covered the natural marvels of the North Coast, we’ve also got some of the most sought-after amenities out there! This includes access to world-class medical care, close proximity to excellent schools, renowned eateries, and excellent retail malls with top local and global brands. Once everything is on your doorstep, life becomes infinitely more hassle-free, giving you more time to spend with the ones you love.

A wonderful community

Although Seaton attracts an array of buyers, we’ve noticed that those with children and those planning for a family in the near future are choosing to make our estate their home. This makes a purchase at Seaton more than just your dream oceanside property, it’s a chance to be part of an inclusive community you can relate to.

Great investment potential

North Coastal expansion has meant an attractive increase in investment value for discerning buyers looking to place their money in sought-after areas. Whilst investment potential doesn’t matter to your little ones right now, it’s everything for the legacy you’ll leave them one day. It’s also a prime space to pursue a property for the purpose of holiday rentals, with the North Coast being highly sought after by holidaymakers.

360° Living

Seaton offers its residents a unique way of living on a grand scale thanks to spectacular ocean views and lush indigenous forest outlooks. We’re also focused on keeping life in perfect balance with nature, community, wellness, business and family all receiving the equal weighting they rightly deserve.

Ready to embrace the height of family living at Seaton? We’d love to show you around. Contact Andrew on 082 654 5062 or email for a private tour in our 4×4 game vehicle. To start browsing our stands, click here:

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