Christmas Bay – a coastal gem

Live within walking distance of 2km of pristine, private beachfront.

Seaton has KwaZulu-Natal’s prized and most secluded beach on its doorstep, Christmas Bay. From sea views that extend from Tinley Manor right through to distant views of Moses Mabhida Stadium, residents will delight in having rock pools, the chance to fish, snorkel, surf or chill along the clean caramel sandy beach.

Christmas Bay is considered a closely guarded treasure of the North Coast and is known for being one of the very few beaches that doesn’t suffer from over crowdedness, especially when it is holiday season. Seaton offers year-round access to private, authentic beach living.

There’s a reason as to why we are called the Dolphin Coast; pods of dolphin are often seen from the shoreline giving a show as they jump through waves and make a splash out in the water all year round. While mid-year, the greatest shoal on earth delivers with sardine fever and October welcomes the whales into the warm Indian Ocean.

Live every day like its summer! With direct and private access to 2km of this pristine coastline, Seaton not only is home to an authentic coastal lifestyle, but it also celebrates the earth’s simplest yet richest resources.

Spend languid days soaking up the sun and sea, relax and connect at Seaton’s inviting Beach Club House, and finish off with a glass in hand, the best company and a glowing moon rising over the ocean. What more could you ask for?

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