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It’s difficult not to think of Murray Collins when reflecting on the incredible growth of the North Coast. Zululami, Seaton and Club Med – these are just a few of Collins Residential’s ongoing projects. But, did you know his roots are deeply planted in Ballito? We chat with Murray about his history and innovative vision for the North Coast.

Who is Murray Collins? Apart from being the Director of Collins Residential (a development business that has perfected the art of creating communities where places, people and purpose matter), he is a happy conservationist turned businessman who has had the privilege of experiencing first-hand that old adage of “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

“My diverse business interests, together with my passion for sustainable development, have afforded me the opportunity to prioritise my commitment to preserving our natural heritage in a way that incorporates conservation values into all our projects,” says Murray. One such business is the development portfolio within Collins Residential.

With his family’s background in construction, it was only natural Murray decided to follow a career in residential development. The birth of Collins Residential took shape when Geoff Perkins, a trusted colleague and friend, introduced him to several property development opportunities on the North Coast. “Geoff’s vision and passion were instrumental in laying the foundation for what we have developed and achieved today,” he explains. “Together, we shared a clear mission: to take these magnificent tracts of sugarcane land and steward them into places where people would come together as a community while retaining the timeless charm of the area.” This duo wanted to be part of shaping Ballito’s future.

However, Murray’s connection to our coast goes a lot deeper than its development potential. His journey
with Ballito began generations ago when his greatgrandparents secured a cottage on Kudu Road in Today, it is an iconic landmark on Willard Beach, which everybody knows as “the beach shack with the blue roof”. From those humble beginnings, his family’s connection to Ballito has grown. “I’ve
witnessed its transformation from a fishing village, with sand roads and very few other houses, to a sought after tourist destination.” It’s no surprise Murray has such a vested interest in building Ballito and the surrounding areas!

“This rich history forms the bedrock of my vision for the North Coast. With each project we undertake, I strive to imbue a sense of heritage and belonging, drawing inspiration from the area’s transformation over the decades,” says Murray. He strives to develop our coast in such a way that honours its natural splendour while fostering economic growth and community cohesion.

Murray and the Collins Residential team started with Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate, followed by Seaton Estate, Lalela Estate, The Manor House Venue and now Club Med. All of their projects are grounded in an unwavering commitment to quality, community and environmental responsibility, and sustainability guides all they do. Murray is a key pillar of local development and sees a bright future for the North Coast. “While we can certainly extol the virtues of our region, it’s truly remarkable to witness the recent surge in international interest, with buyers from America, Germany and Panama among those who have recently invested in our developments. They are discovering what we have always known, yet sometimes overlooked: our region is truly an international destination.”

First and foremost, though, Murray is a family man. He is a father to twin girls and a son, all in their teenage years, who are his main priority. “The values I try to instil in them are rooted in humility, environmental stewardship and the importance of fostering meaningful connections with others. I emphasise the signifi cance of prioritising character over materialpossessions. Who you are is more important than what you are.” He’s thrilled his family is also lucky enough to call the North Coast home. “The weather is warm, and so are the people. I am invigorated when I receive calls from community members who recognise the positive impact we are making – it’s truly inspiring.”

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