1-day to go before The Bay launches

We are so looking forward to our launch tomorrow and welcoming you all. In preparation for the launch, we sent out a mailer around the launch procedure which linked through to the relevant document seatonestate.co.za/downloads mailer excerpt below;

In anticipation for the launch this weekend, we would like to highlight a few notes that will make the process smoother on site:

  • A R50 000 non-refundable deposit is payable immediately at the time of signing the sale agreement. Please ensure you have access to these funds before you arrive on site.
  • Signing of sale agreements will commence at 8am.
  • There will be a numbered system to ensure a fair and even distribution of opportunity for all.
  • We will ensure that this process is treated with care and consideration to lockdown and social distancing protocols.
  • We will ask you to queue in your vehicle and remain there until you are called to begin signing.
  • Please ensure you know which entity you will be purchasing in; personal capacity or legal entity.

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