The restoration of the Manor House

Seaton has been designed around the legendary heritage site now known as the Manor House, which was built over 100-years ago. The Manor House holds a special significance to the North Coast community and has gained the title of “the heart” of Seaton. It was paramount that the Royal Shaka Property Group’s restorative efforts were true to the architecture and design, and therefore invested approximately R11,5 million to ensure the renovations were completed to impeccable standards.

The Manor House has transformed into a mirror image of the architectural renders shared and is a glimpse of how The Club is set to transform under the Royal Shaka Property Group’s vision. Residents and visitors will enjoy dining at the bespoke restaurant run by popular Ray’s Kitchen, as well as having access to a whiskey lounge and billiard room. The rooftop deck gives visitors the opportunity to watch an array of equestrian activities while relaxing with friends.

The Royal Shaka Property Group entrusted Slingshot Investments, Catherine Oliver of Wylder Jane Designs and Brent Buchanan from Nsika Architects, to masterfully bring the Manor House back to life. “I love old buildings like The Manor House; they have such a unique character. When you walk into The Manor House you have this sense of home and life to it. This project added another dimension as I couldn’t just bring through shiny, new objects or have new furniture made with any material. The architects, builders and I, who worked together to restore this home, had to treat this building with such respect as the house dictated the feel. We kept a lot of the original features from the columns, stained glass, fireplaces and brickwork around it, to the windows and their shapes,” explains Catherine Oliver from Wylder Jane Designs.

Seaton is a R10 billion development that spans across 411 hectares of prime North Coast KZN land. The first phase, The Club, is an extraordinary component of this development as it has been specially crafted for passionate equestrians. Presenting 98 stands ranging from 900m² to 9 000m², as well as 96 stables where residents can house their horses. With the restoration of the Manor House, Seaton has created a home for all residents and the North Coast community to share and create new memories.

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