Sustainable landscaping at Seaton

22 April marks Earth Day, a chance to celebrate the magnificent gifts of Mother Nature, whilst renewing our promise to maintain and preserve them for future generations to come.

Living in harmony with nature has always been our vision at Seaton. Set in one of KZN’s premium land parcels along the North Coast, we have front-row seats to the very best of nature. With that, however, comes a responsibility to maintain its beauty and all the creatures who call it home. It’s why Collins Residential, the development team behind Seaton, is just as passionate about rehabilitating nature in our part of the coastline as we are about creating an award-winning residential estate.

Innovation, rehabilitation and sustainability are our core principles which allow us to deliver coastal living on a grand scale with as little environmental impact as possible.  Our approach to landscaping is one way we drive sustainability through the selection and planting of indigenous, water-wise plants that complement the climate and the natural ethos of our estate. This wouldn’t be possible without the vision of Bernice Rumble from Land Art Studio and the expertise and skills of the LIFE Landscapes team. With extensive knowledge of Seaton that includes the soil conditions and weather patterns, the LIFE team have executed the most incredible streetscapes and features that will provide the ultimate backdrop for the best in coastal living.

Species diversity is another important component of our landscaping strategy, and it is evident on every drive through Seaton. It’s incredibly important to us as it is one of the drivers that will help us ensure an established and thriving ecosystem within our estate. As a result, we’re confident that birds, insects, and other local wildlife will feel as at home as our residents do.

We choose to rehabilitate and plant as we go, making sure that wherever construction leads, landscaping always follows. So as more facilities and homes take shape within Seaton, you’ll notice more greenery does too. This provides us with a lovely synergy that will certainly reward us with their beauty for years to come.

Ready to live a life that’s closer to nature? It’s time for a tour. To arrange your private viewing and secure one of the final available stands at Seaton, please get in touch with us today. There are only twenty-odd left and if you wait, you’ll be forced to wait for future phases.

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